Vulcan Tire Sales - Tire Guide


Finding your Tire Size for Tire Chain Applications
If you are in need of tire chains, but unsure of your vehicle's tire size the best place to find this information is on the tire itself. Do not rely on websites or even your vehicle's owner's manual to determine your tire size. Modern vehicles offer many tire and wheel options so it is always best to check the tire itself for your exact tire size.

See the picture below for help on finding your tire size on your tire's sidewall.

Most tire sizes are made up of three numbers. The first number is the tire "width" followed by a "/"; second, is the "aspect ratio" followed by a "R"; then finally the rim size. Most tire sizes will look like this: 215/70R16 or P215/70R16. The "R" in the size denotes a radial tire and the "P" indicates a passenger tire. These designations (R and P) are not used in our sizing guide. This tire size will appear as 215/70-16 in our tire size list.
Light truck tires starting with an "LT" (ie: LT235/85R16) will be listed as LT235/85-16.