Consumer Alert - Be Aware of Imitations
All of the winter traction products Vulcan Tire Sales sells are manufactured by Security Chain Company (SCC) or Thule, the biggest and best names in the winter traction business. Every tire chain we offer is backed by a one to five year manufacturer's warranty. (SCC brand chains - 1 year warranty, Thule brand chains - 5 year warranty) Be aware of others selling similar looking off-brand or generic chains, these products often come with warranties lasting three months or less, hardly long enough to make it through winter!

Security Chain Company was the first to produce the cable tire chain. While others have followed, there are few that can match the quality of Security Chain's cable chain products.

Thule, best known for their ski racks, now offers the smartest, most innovative and quickest to fit and remove link chains available. The same quality that goes into each Thule rack, goes into each, hand-made Thule tire chain.

Be aware of others selling similar winter traction products!
Other companies may be offering similar looking cable chains not manufactured by SCC. These chains often look similar, even incorporating similar color schemes on the chain itself.

How do I spot an imitation chain?
All SCC cable chain products have cross members made of reinforced aircraft cable, covered with high tensile steel alloy coil springs. These "traction coils" have more bite in snow and ice conditions and better durability than solid steel rollers. Steel "rollers" found on most imitation products have a the tendency to flatten out and pinch the cable underneath causing the cable to break.
SCC crossmember with traction coils
Other crossmembers with flat rollers