Vulcan Tire Sales - Tire Guide
Finding your Load Index or Rating
The best place to find your Load Rating or Index is on the vehicle itself. Do not rely on websites or even your vehicle's owner's manual to determine your vehicle's recommended load rating or index.

First, find your vehicle load and tire information placard. This placard is usually located on the door jamb of the driver's door. See an example of this placard in the picture to the right.

Now, look for the tire size information on your placard. The load rating (sometimes referred to as a load index) is generally written after tire size. In the example to the right the load index is "99".

Load Index values can range from 80 to 120. Large pickup trucks and SUVs as well as RV and Trailer tires often have tires with a "Load Range". Load Range rated tires have letter vaules of A through J.