TST and PressurePro Installation Difficulty
Basic Those monitoring tires with a PressurePro or TST system will have an basic installation.
  • The TST or PressurePro display is as easy to install as a radar detector; just choose a spot to mount it and plug it into your cigarette lighter or power port.
  • Next, you will put your display in program mode by holding the set button.
  • Then, simply screw the wheels sensors onto the valve stems of each wheel, one at a time, pressing the set button after each install.
  • After you have installed all your sensors, your system is ready for use, no additional programming is necessary.

  • In some cases: Longer RVís may require a long range antenna kit. If this antenna is required, our website will recommend this item. In most case this antenna need not be mounted externally. Mounting the antenna in a basement under a table or behind a refrigerator works best. The antennaís slim, 35 foot cable, can easily be hidden along molding or at the edge of carpeting.