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Sat, Jul 13, 2024
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Speed ratings signify the safe top speed of a tire under perfect conditions.

The speed rating of a tire is generally listed after the tire size and "load rating" Example: 225/45R17 92V, the preceding size is an "V" speed rated tire. Sometimes, a "Z" speed rating is listed before the "R" Example: 225/45ZR17. A "W" or "Y" rated tire can be substituted for a "Z" speed rated tire.

NOTE: The speed rating of a tire has nothing to do with the actual size of the tire. So a 195/65R15 89H tire can be substituted for a 195/65R15 89S tire. However, to maintain the performance characteristics of the vehicle it is recommended that a higher speed rating be substituted.

NOTE 2: Light truck "LT" tires are not required to have speed ratings.

Common speed ratings are:

L = 75 MPH, 120km/h

Q = 99 MPH, 160km/h

S = 112 MPH, 180km/h

T = 118 MPH, 190km/h

U = 124 MPH, 200km/h

H = 130 MPH, 210km/h

V = 149 MPH, 240km/h

W = 168 MPH, 270km/h

Y = 186 MPH, 300km/h

Z = 149 MPH, 240km/h and over

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