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Coupon Codes

Q5. Do you offer Discount or Coupon Codes?

Q5. Do you offer Discount or Coupon Codes?

A5. We do not offer Coupon Codes, Discount Codes or Promo Codes. Any website claiming to offer Discount Codes or Coupon Codes for is either mistaken or attempting to mislead you. To be safe, we suggest avoiding these sites as some are simply "Phishing" scams. These "Phishing" sites require you to enter your email address (or other personal information) in order to receive a "bogus code" that cannot be used on our site.

Here at Vulcan Tire Sales we believe in offering low, easy-to-understand pricing everyday, without the need for electronic coupons or mail-in rebates. In addition, we donít artificially inflate the cost of products in order to offer "free shipping" or other gimmicky "limited time offers".

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