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Thule Tire Chains and Snow Chains

Best known for their ski racks, Thule now offers the smartest, most innovative and quickest to fit and remove tire chains available. The same quality that goes into each Thule rack, goes into each, hand-made Thule snow chain. All Thule brand tire chains are backed by a five year manufacturer's warranty.

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The Thule brand is known around the world for manufacturing high quality automotive racks. The Thule product line has now expanded to include premium quality tire chains.

All Thule tire chains are hand assembled in Italy with design, durability, and fit in mind. Thule tire chains are available for your passenger car, SUV, van, or motor home. Thule offers several options for limited clearance applications, which are a great fit for many modern vehicles.

Among Thule tire chain favorites are the superior quality K-Summit, which requires zero clearance, and the record setting Easy Fit, which installs in only seconds.

All Thule chain products arrive in a durable, nylon storage bag or useful, plastic storage case.

All Thule tire chains offer a five year warranty.

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