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Yokohama AVID ENVigor (HP) 255/55R18 109V

The Yokohama ENVigor didnít just raise the bar on performance; It created a whole new one.
This tire represents an unprecedented blend of performance, fuel efficiency, comfort and treadlife.

Provide enhanced stiffness for improved handling on wet and dry roads.

Help resist hydroplaning and maintain winter and water traction over the life of the tire.

Maximizes road contact for long, even wear while minimizing rolling resistance by reducing the friction of the cap compound.

Creates tiny slits inside groove walls to help distribute stress loads to reduce uneven wear and enhance stiffness.

Delivers ultra-low rolling resistance for increased fuel efficiency, without sacrificing treadlife, comfort or grip on dry, wet or snow-covered roads.

Separates the tread blocks into six size and shape variations, which are strategically staggered around the tire to reduce pattern noise.
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Overall Rating
4.1 (4.1) - 7 Reviews
Highest Rated Qualities
1) Dry Traction 4.4
2) Style/Looks 4.3
3) Steering Response 4.3
Lowest Rated Qualities
1) Treadwear 3.6
2) Noise Level 3.7
3) Light Snow Traction 4.0
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Sidewall Style
Load Index
Speed Rating
560 A A
Mileage Warranty
60,000 Miles
Stock #
Mfg. Part #
All Season Traction
M+S Rated
Tread Design
General Warranty
Standard, Prorated
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Item Condition

Yokohama AVID ENVigor (HP)

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  • $0.00 Tax Collected Outside Utah
255/55R18 109V
  • Stock #: 7841
  • Sidewall Style: Black
  • Load Index: 109
  • Speed Rating: V
  • UTQG: 560 A A
  • $101.00
  • Qty:
"Overall" Rating of the Yokohama AVID ENVigor (HP) 4.1 (7 Reviews)

"Dry Traction" 4.4
"Wet Traction" 4.1
"Hydroplane Resistance" 4.1
"Cornering Predictability" 4.1
"Steering Response" 4.3
"Style/Looks" 4.3
"Would you purchase these tires again?" 86% - Yes
14% - No
0% - Maybe
"Comfort" 4.1
"Noise Level" 3.7
"Treadwear" 3.6
"Light Snow Traction" 4.0
"Standard Snow Traction" 3.8
"Packed Snow Traction" 3.5
"Ice Traction" 3.0
"Did you use these tires on the Track, Drag Strip or for Auto-cross?" 0% - Yes
100% - No
"Under which track conditions did you use these tires?" NA% - Auto-x
NA% - Track
NA% - Drag Strip
NA% - Auto-x, Track and/or Drag Strip
"Heat Resistance" No Rating or Not Applicable
"Shoulder Roll Resistance" No Rating or Not Applicable
"Track Treadwear" No Rating or Not Applicable
Verified Owner  
3/23/2016 Overall Rating
Daily Driver/Commuter Average Driver 2008 HYUNDAI SANTA FE
    Tires were excellent so far,will certainly buy again.
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Verified Owner  
3/23/2016 Overall Rating
Daily Driver/Commuter Average Driver 2010 TOYOTA CAMRY
    good tites
See Full Review  

1/4/2016 Overall Rating
Daily Driver/Commuter Average Driver 2007 HONDA ACCORD
    These tires were fine tires for about a year and a half. I always maintained the correct tire pressure and had the tires rotated with every oil change, and my cars alignment is fine and in less than 35000 miles they are essentially bald! I have never 'squealed' these tires or 'burnt rubber', yet the rubber is gone! Expensive disappointment!
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Verified Owner  
2/10/2015 Overall Rating
Daily Driver/Commuter Average Driver 2006 CHEVROLET HHR
    Very Satisfied with tire performance so far.
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Verified Owner  
8/19/2014 Overall Rating
Car/Truck Enthusiast Slow and Steady Driver 2005 HONDA ACCORD
    I've purchased 2 sets of tires in the last 8 years and just recently had to replace the previous set. These are the best tires for my vehicle and I love them. I would recommend these to anyone who wants reliable tires and an affordable price. I was able to purchase and take them to my dealership for them to install. Great product!
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Verified Owner  
7/13/2011 Overall Rating
Daily Driver/Commuter Average Driver 2007 FORD EDGE SEL
    smooth as silk tires, love'em.
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3/7/2011 Overall Rating
Daily Driver/Commuter Aggressive Driver 2006 LEXUS GS300
    I love these tires
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