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Falken Azenis PT722 A/S (60K) 245/45R18 100V

See European Car Magazine's review of the this tire HERE.

Azenis PT722 is Falken's first ultra high performance, all-season tire, with a deep tread depth and long lateral groove, for anti-hydroplaning and stability in the wet. The asymmetric tread pattern provides tremendous comfort while Falkenís Treadwear Indicators regularly inform drivers of proper rotation timing, thus maximizing wear performance for better mileage and longer life.

NEWLY DEVELOPED WIDE STEEL BELTS that are stronger than normal cord, offer better wear and performance.

LONG LATERAL GROOVE reduces hydroplaning and provides excellent driving stability in wet conditions.

UNIQUE RIB GROOVE inhibits irregular wear by enahancing rigidity of the tread.

DEEP TREAD DEPTH improves mileage and increases longevity.

JOINTLESS NYLON CAP PLY & LAYER increase durability at speed and in wet conditions.

HIGH DENSITY CASING PLY improves wear resistance.

TREADWEAR INDICATORS regularly informs drivers of proper rotation timing.

This tire is also available in additional sizes, click here for more tire sizes.
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Overall Rating
4.1 (4.1) - 9 Reviews
Highest Rated Qualities
1) Dry Traction 4.4
2) Cornering Predictability 4.3
3) Style/Looks 4.3
Lowest Rated Qualities
1) Light Snow Traction 3.5
2) Hydroplane Resistance 3.9
3) Comfort 4.0
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Sidewall Style
Load Index
Speed Rating
600 A A
Mileage Warranty
60,000 Miles
Stock #
Mfg. Part #
All Season Traction
M+S Rated
Tread Design
General Warranty
Standard, Prorated
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Item Condition

Falken Azenis PT722 A/S (60K)

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  • $0.00 Tax Collected Outside Utah
245/45R18 100V
  • Stock #: 1148
  • Sidewall Style: Black
  • Load Index: 100
  • Speed Rating: V
  • UTQG: 600 A A
  • $122.00
  • Qty:
"Overall" Rating of the Falken Azenis PT722 A/S (60K) 4.1 (9 Reviews)

"Dry Traction" 4.4
"Wet Traction" 4.1
"Hydroplane Resistance" 3.9
"Cornering Predictability" 4.3
"Steering Response" 4.2
"Style/Looks" 4.3
"Would you purchase these tires again?" 78% - Yes
22% - No
0% - Maybe
"Comfort" 4.0
"Noise Level" 4.2
"Treadwear" 4.1
"Light Snow Traction" 3.5
"Standard Snow Traction" 3.7
"Packed Snow Traction" 3.2
"Ice Traction" 3.0
"Did you use these tires on the Track, Drag Strip or for Auto-cross?" 0% - Yes
100% - No
"Under which track conditions did you use these tires?" NA% - Auto-x
NA% - Track
NA% - Drag Strip
NA% - Auto-x, Track and/or Drag Strip
"Heat Resistance" No Rating or Not Applicable
"Shoulder Roll Resistance" No Rating or Not Applicable
"Track Treadwear" No Rating or Not Applicable
Verified Owner  
3/23/2016 Overall Rating
Daily Driver/Commuter Average Driver 2013 FORD FUSION
    Good tires!
See Full Review  

Verified Owner  
10/16/2015 Overall Rating
Car/Truck Enthusiast Aggressive Driver 2003 CADILLAC STS
    Fantastic price and the best value in performance tires
See Full Review  

Verified Owner  
3/10/2015 Overall Rating
Car/Truck Enthusiast Average Driver 2013 MAZDS 3 HB
    8.5/10 would buy again
See Full Review  

Verified Owner  
6/29/2014 Overall Rating
Weekend/Club Racer Aggressive Driver 2004 GRAND PRIX GTP COMP G
    Overall the tires are good but I have had on and off again tire vibration due to high road force. Having the tires rebalanced helps but the issue is still present, I have tried different shops and machines with no marked improvement.
See Full Review  

Verified Owner  
6/23/2014 Overall Rating
Daily Driver/Commuter Average Driver 2003 JAGUAR XKR
    My priorities for choosing these tires were equally spread between tread wear, quietness and price. I tried the Azenis on my rears first and was impressed enough to buy two more for the fronts about a year later. I have been extremely pleased with these tires. 40,000 miles later and the rears still have plenty of tread left. The Azenis is definitely not for racing, and as described in other reviews, wet traction is "OK" (but plenty safe enoug... read more...
See Full Review  

Verified Owner  
6/21/2014 Overall Rating
Daily Driver/Commuter Average Driver 2004 AUDI A4
    We're very happy with the price and performance of the falkens. They are 3x's better than the Pirelli p4's we had before.
See Full Review  

Verified Owner  
3/17/2013 Overall Rating
Car/Truck Enthusiast Aggressive Driver 2002 BMW 325I
    This review is for my rear set, the 245/40-17, the widest tire width available in 40% profile. These tires are a nice mix of ride comfort and reasonable back-road performance, and they increased my gas mileage by 2MPG. There is some noticeable sidewall flex due to this being a touring tire, so don't expect full sport driving performance with these tires compared with what you'd get from a true performance tire like the Falken ZE512 UHPs. My car h... read more...
See Full Review  

Verified Owner  
3/7/2013 Overall Rating
Daily Driver/Commuter Average Driver 2009 HYUNDAI SONATA
    I really like this tire. I purchased 4. I hope the utog or treadwear rating is accurate and the tires last as long as its 60,000 mile promise.
See Full Review  

Verified Owner  
4/28/2012 Overall Rating
Daily Driver/Commuter Average Driver 2004 VUE SATRUN
    we like them
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