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Falken Wildpeak H/T

The Wildpeak H/T continues to expand the opportunities for Pick-up Trucks and SUVs for smooth motoring whatever the season, whether it be on a long highway ride, a little sprited driving or a quick run to the soccer field. WildPeak H/T offers a combination of superb dry handling and responsive wet braking on all roadway surfaces, and with its aggressive tread pattern, Falken has optimized traction and control of irregular wear.

Four Large Circumferential Straight Grooves enhance both anti-hydroplaning and wet grip performance.
New Stylish Sidewall Design paired with high tension casing ply and special hard bead apex provides good looks and driving comfort.
Variable Pitch Shoulder Design provides flat, even wear and reduces tire noise.
Multi-wave Lateral Sipes improves wet traction and increases all-season performance.
Symmetric Non-Directional 5 rib Tread Design provides optimal handling/stability and comfort, while allowing multiple rotation patterns to help fight irregular wear.
60,000 Miles Limited Mileage Warranty

  • Price Range: $121.00 to $123.00
  • $0.00 Tax Collected Outside Utah
Overall Rating
4.2 (4.2) - 4 Reviews
Highest Rated Qualities
1) Dry Traction 4.5
2) Comfort 4.5
3) Hydroplane Resistance 4.5
Lowest Rated Qualities
1) Noise Level 3.8
2) Light Snow Traction 4.0
3) Cornering Predictability 4.0
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Mileage Warranty
Avaliable Load Ranges
All Season Traction
M+S Rated
General Warranty
Standard, Prorated
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Road Hazard Warranty
2 Years, 3/32 inch
Free Test Drive
30 Days
Item Condition

Falken Wildpeak H/T

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  • $0.00 Tax Collected Outside Utah
LT225/75R16 /E
  • Stock #: 1407
  • Sidewall Style: Black
  • Load Range: E (10 Ply Rated)
  • Speed Rating: NA
  • Weight Capacity: Single: 2680 lbs, Dual: 2470 lbs
LT235/85R16 /E
  • Stock #: 1454
  • Sidewall Style: Outline White Letters
  • Load Range: E (10 Ply Rated)
  • Speed Rating: NA
  • Weight Capacity: Single: 3042 lbs, Dual: 2778 lbs
"Overall" Rating of the Falken Wildpeak H/T 4.2 (4 Reviews)

"Dry Traction" 4.5
"Wet Traction" 4.5
"Hydroplane Resistance" 4.5
"Cornering Predictability" 4.0
"Steering Response" 4.0
"Style/Looks" 4.0
"Would you purchase these tires again?" 100% - Yes
0% - No
0% - Maybe
"Comfort" 4.5
"Noise Level" 3.8
"Treadwear" 4.2
"Light Snow Traction" 4.0
"Standard Snow Traction" 4.0
"Packed Snow Traction" 3.7
"Ice Traction" 3.0
Verified Owner  
2/9/2015 Overall Rating
Professional Bus/Taxi/Truck Driver Average Driver 2011 NISSIAN FRONTIER
    Excellent tread wear so far. Very smooth driving on my vehicle. I have found these tyres have very predictable handling on wet roads. I have driven some on dirt roads,tyres are not mudders but as along as road is dry(hard or loose) they do an excellent job getting on down the road.
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Verified Owner  
7/12/2014 Overall Rating
Daily Driver/Commuter Average Driver 2004 JEEP GRAND CHER
    Was really surprised on how good these tires handled in the snow and the ride is comfortable. Would buy again and I drive on average 33000 miles a year. I rotate tires every two oil changes
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Verified Owner  
6/24/2014 Overall Rating
Daily Driver/Commuter Slow and Steady Driver 1999 JEEP CHEROKEE
    tires show almost no wear and i am happy with my choich and also that your company chose to follow up , cheers ! Thankyou !
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Verified Owner  
6/23/2014 Overall Rating
Daily Driver/Commuter Aggressive Driver 2002 LEXUS RX300
    Quiet Price is great especially on a tight budget. I was laid off and still hunting for a job when I had to buy a set of tires. I am pleased with my purchase. I hope they keep this price point and at the time I bought I received a rebate which helped buy food later. I have purchased higher priced tires when times were better and not as happy as with these tires.
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