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SCC Quik Grip WB - V Bar

  • Price Range: $77.00 to $117.00
  • $0.00 Tax Collected Outside Utah

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Traditional Reinforced V Bar steel link chain.

Designed for 4 wheel drive and SUV use.

Max recommended speed 20 MPH.

Case hardened to NACM Specifications.

Click here for detailed installation instructions for this chain. Installation Instructions (PDF Format)
Overall Rating
4.7 (4.7) - 4 Reviews
Highest Rated Qualities
1) Deep Snow Traction 5.0
2) Turf Traction 4.8
3) Mud Traction 4.7
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Tire Chain Construction
Reinforced Link Chain
Chain Pattern
Cross Chain Thickness
(#QG3810) 15/64"
Cross Chain Thickness
(All Others) 9/32"
Clearance Requirement
Does Not Meet Class "S" Clearance
Tighteners Required, Included FREE!
1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

SCC Quik Grip WB - V Bar

  • Tighteners Required, Included FREE!
All tire chains are sold by the pair. (Order a qty. of "1" and you will receive 1 pair of chains.)
  • $0.00 Tax Collected Outside Utah
SCC Quik Grip WB - V Bar QG3810
  • Stock #: 5215
  • Suggested Application: Light Truck/SUV
  • $77.00
  • Qty:
SCC Quik Grip WB - V Bar QG3827
  • Stock #: 5216
  • Suggested Application: Light Truck/SUV
  • $110.00
  • Qty:
SCC Quik Grip WB - V Bar QG3829
  • Stock #: 5217
  • Suggested Application: Light Truck/SUV
  • $117.00
  • Qty:

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