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Fri, Sep 21, 2018
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"Great service. Very good sercurity of payment, will use them again and will tell anyone to use site."

- Robert from CA
SCC Tire Chains

Security Chain Company was the first to produce the cable tire chain. While others have followed, there are few that can match the quality of Security Chain's cable tire chain products. All SCC brand tire chains are backed by a one year manufacturer's warranty.
Don't know what snow chain you need? Select your tire size below.
SCC Cable Chains
 Good      Why are these chains "Good"?

 SCC Radial Cable

 SCC Radial Chain LT

 SCC Alloy Radial Chain HD
 Better      Why are these chains "Better"?

 SCC Super Z Passenger

 SCC Super Z LT

 SCC Super Z-6

 SCC Alloy Radial Chain HD - Dual
 Best      Why are these chains "Best"?

 SCC Z-Chain

 SCC Super Z

 SCC Super Z Dual Wheel

 SCC Super Z-8
SCC Link Chains
 Good      Why are these chains "Good"?

 SCC Quik Grip SH

 SCC Quik Grip IND - 2 Link Spacing

 SCC Max-Trac - 2 Link Spacing

 SCC Max-Trac Deep Lug - 2 Link Spacing

 SCC Max-Trac S - 2 Link Spacing

 SCC Quik Grip IND - 4 Link Spacing

 SCC ATV TRAC - V Bar - 2 Link Spacing

 SCC Quik Grip IND - V Bar - 2 Link Spacing

 SCC Quik Grip Forklift - 4 Link Spacing

 SCC Quik Grip HD Skid - 2 Link Spacing

 SCC Quik Grip PL

 SCC Quik Grip RP - V Bar

 SCC Quik Grip LHS

 SCC Quik Grip LRS - V Bar

 SCC Quik Grip DT - V Bar - Dual

 SCC Quik Grip WB - Highway Service

 SCC Quik Grip WB - V Bar

 SCC Quik Grip WB - Mud Service

 SCC Quik Grip RS - V Bar

 SCC Quik Grip SM - Heavy Duty
 Better      Why are these chains "Better"?

 SCC Peerless Auto Trac

 SCC Whitestar Alloy

SCC (Security Chain Company) was founded in 1969 and is now part of Peerless Industrial Group, the largest manufacturer and distributor of traction products in North America. SCC employs more Americans than any other winter traction company; SCC chains are designed in Oregon.

SCC offers steel link chains and cable chain for a variety of uses, vehicle, and clearance requirements. From passenger vehicle daily driving to ambulance services, SCC provides the necessary traction product.

As innovators in the tire chain industry, SCC is known for new ideas in traction. The "Z" cable chain products, named for the Z cross member pattern, are unique and recognizable. If a steel link chain is needed, Auto-Trac chains feature a diamond pattern and adjust automatically, while Quik Grip products have a classic ladder style.

SCC tire chains and cables arrive in durable boxes or bags, with tighteners included if required. All SCC chain products offer a one year warranty.
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