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Types of Tire Chains

Deciding which tire chain product is right for your vehicle can be challenging.

Advances within the tire chain industry have expanded tire chain choices to offer customers a more specialized fit. Tire chains can be divided into four main categories: Steel Link Chains, Low Profile Alloy Link Chains, Cable Chains, and Advanced Traction Devices. Vulcan Tire Sales is proud to offer the best in tire chains, featuring top quality chains by manufacturers SCC and Thule.

Steel Link Chains
  • traditional choice
  • constructed of steel links
  • ladder style or diamond pattern
  • good choice for off-road applications
  • heavy
  • harder to install
  • may not fit limited clearance vehicles
  • SCC Quik Grip products

Low Profile Alloy Link Chains
  • constructed of high strength alloy steel links
  • resist corrosion better than standard steel link chains
  • smaller and lighter than standard steel link chains
  • stronger than standard steel link chains
  • improved traction
  • easy installation
  • fits many modern limited clearance vehicles
  • Konig XG-12 Pro, SCC Peerless Auto-Trac

Cable Chains
  • newer technology
  • constructed of aircraft quality cable wrapped in alloy steel traction coils
  • easier installation and removal
  • more durable for on-road/highway applications
  • Z pattern or ladder style
  • light-weight
  • improved traction
  • compatible with ABS & AWD
  • SCC Z products

Advanced Traction Devices
  • innovative design
  • constructed of the latest materials, including traction cables or low profile alloy steel links
  • fast and easy installation- installs in seconds
  • Konig K-Summit, Konig Easy Fit CU-9

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