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Velozza Tires

Velozza Tire prices starting at only $45 per tire!
Velozza Tires
Average Velozza Tire Rating 4.1 (4.1)
(Rating based on 23 reviews of 2 tire models)
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Ultra-High Performance - All Season Velozza Tires
Starting at: $53.00
Overall (20 Ratings) 3.7
Highest Rated Qualities
1) Style/Looks 4.2
2) Steering Response 4.2
3) Dry Traction 4.0
4) Cornering Predictability 3.9
Starting at: $45.00
Overall (3 Ratings) 4.4
Highest Rated Qualities
1) Dry Traction 4.7
2) Noise Level 4.7
3) Style/Looks 4.7
4) Steering Response 4.7
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